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A little about myself: Liselotte Bjoern Munkebo and my kennel in SPK/DKK/FCI: ALPHA BASEN QIMMEQ.

MeMy interest in dogs, in fact, in all kinds of animals, I got very early. From childhood, I was always surrounded by many kinds of animals: Guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, squirrels, desert rats, rabbits, newts and other reptiles, finchs, budgerigars, parrets, cats, goats and always been with many numbers of horses and dogs: Pekinese – Whippet – Pointer – Afghan dog – and my own first dog was a black lovely Poodle – later I got two black Labradors – then an English spaniel – and after that, I got interested in polar dogs: for many years: Siberian Huskies and Greenland Dogs, ( and for a while: Finnish Lapp Dog, Japanese and Klein Spitz) and finally now: GROSS-SPITZ.

As child, after school, and also later as grown up, I spent many hours in nature: riding or just go exploring with or without dogs. I also took a hand in the work on several farms with all the animals a farm can present with more and more tasks of great responsibilities. I worked with rabbits, hens, doves, partridges, geese, peacocks, wild boars, and went so far as to become chief of responsibility and in charge of a reconstruction of an old horse breed.

I found out early, that it gave me great pleasure being in contact with animals and I later enjoyed training dogs and horses.

ShowMany of my family-members or my friends have been forced to endure many circuses or other happenings I created and made with my animals - so after having finished my civil educations, worked with gymnastics, dancing, drawing, singing and playing music, studying to become a teacher and studied biology, film and languages, worked many years in a big travel agency, worked many years as advertising-salesman and as educational adviser – and made many travels, I had the joy of getting my own stud farm for many years and later I began training, showing and breeding dogs, and it is today by this, besides travelling, music and singing, I find my biggest fun and joy.

Since 1996 I have had Polar Dogs: Siberian Huskies and Greenland Dogs. I made some very lovely polar dogs – was interested in breeding the old kind, but I was never interested in making speeding/running dogs – I wanted my dogs to pull and run, but to do that within a speed limit was not an interest of mine. And showing themselves – that they could……………….

BeachI have been so blessed with all of my dogs fantastic achievements and every day I thank each and every dog for letting me be a part of their lives and the love they gave me and now I am grateful for the love and a whole new era that this new GROSS-SPITZ breed now will give me.

My kennel can show multi high prized awarded champions – club and national champions – international champions – Gold- and World Winners and many breed- and European Winners. One of my Greenland dogs born at my kennel has become CRUFT Winner many times.

I have always strived for basing my breed lines upon healthy and solid dogs and also did I once, regarding Greenland dogs, import dogs directly from Greenland or another country, because I wanted to make my own type, still following the breed standard and the breed type.

FunAfter having obtained so many great show- and exterior results, and made some wonderful polar puppies I have become a bit satiated and the most important and interesting thing after starting breeding GROSS-SPITZ for me today is: To help the GROSS-SPITZ to survive……

To help especially threatened animals has always been a desire of mine and my work in order to be at help regarding the survival of GROSS-SPITZ gives me great pleasure, although it sometimes seemed like nothing would ever be enough, when great obstacles got in my way. But I never gave up and I have no thoughts of doing so.

I can still fell the desire for going to shows and I think, that I have to keep going, because my first litter born here in Denmark is already showing very good signs to become great show- and breed dogs.

My interest in GROSS-SPITZ began many years ago and I examined the breed carefully and visited breeders in Europe along with my “polar kennel”

HomeIn 2011 I had to say goodbye to my last Greenland Dog - So a new era: In 2007 I imported the first GROSS-SPITZ to Denmark. Suddenly, within a couple of years, I had imported 5 GROSS-SPITZ: black, white and brown and: in 2010, on the 17th of October, I helped the first GROSS-SPITZ litter to the world here in Denmark.

The mother is a black GROSS-SPITZ but the father is very special – he is a BROWN GROSS-SPITZ – he is out of a German legal constructed litter and I am so very proud to have had the honour of letting me buy and own him and to make this first imports and this first litter in Denmark.

The work with my dogs I take very seriously and I have made a great deal of efforts and offered a lot in order to pave the way for the GROSS-SPITZ in our kennel club in Denmark under DKK and SPK, when nobody else here knew much about the breed.

For many years I have been working for the kennel club/SPK for the Greenland dogs and now the GROSS-SPITZ.

My dogs and I have attended, and still do, many different trainings during the years and they just love it.

I use my dogs for showing and breeding, but I never force my bitches to bear more than from one to three litters during their lives, and today I only want to make a litter, when there is a demand for it. It takes time to find the right people that want to use the same kind of efforts as I have used here in DK regarding beeing a part of a breeding program and to follow it through. I have been in contact and worked with many breeders abroad about that during the years.  

ShowI also go to shows with my dogs, although I have cut down a lot the amount over the last years and like every one else, I am not getting any younger. But a good thing about not going to so many shows anymore is: – then it is so much more fun when you go and of course much more funny that my new litter of GROSS-SPITZ also like my polar dogs - are showing many very promising results already as puppies – so obviously, my show times with my dogs are not over yet ( at least they must be shown to get their breed license ) , and it will be exciting following the development of this very special litter, both regarding exterior, common health and breeding skills, but also regarding temperament /socializing, because when it is ones own litter, you can socialize the puppies in your own way.

To every dog and litter, I try to bring a lot of confidence and to make good contact as much as I can to other animals, but also to other people, than to the ones they see every day.

I strive for breeding healthy physically and psychical strong dogs with good temperament. Dogs that are after the breed standard but also do I strive for my own type as long as it is within the breed standard.

GardenIt is very important to keep the main and former acquired and inherited characters of the GROSS-SPITZ as a farm-and watch dog – which is a bit of a balance act – that is where the difficulty comes in, because the GROSS-SPITZ was a very reserved dog – it had to keep thieves away from the win yards and no one could bribe it with tucks.

So- it has to be reserved towards strangers, but on the other hand ( if we want to breed with it within the kennel clubs )- it has also to be so confident and brave as to let a judge bend over it and touch it.

Here in Denmark we use the dogs as family dogs so that is why our way of socializing a GROSS-SPITZ litter must be a bit different than it is sometimes being done abroad.

Since I imported the first GROSS-SPITZ, I have done a great deal of efforts to protect the breed here and to get our clubs and others to learn about this wonderful breed. But it takes time to get the breed to be known – I surely hope, that I get there in time, because the breed is threatened and if the kennel clubs do not hurry making some plans for the breeding of the GROSS-SPITZ, it will die out soon.

However - The greatest enrichment among all this work, is to experience the dogs every day and to live together with them.




My kennel ALPHA BASEN QIMMEQ is situated on one of the most wonderful southern islands of Denmark – more exact on Lolland – southeast of Denmark near Knuthenborg Safari Park.

The most interesting thing is that we have got many big old forests with oak trees and in olden times these oaks were used for building big wooden warships.

ForrestToday Lolland is known for our green energy: windmills, waterpower, and sun energy and mostly for many years for our good soil and our suger beets.

The last thing I have to mention is, that we have got a beautiful wild nature and many good paths for walking the dogs. In town, in the forests, in the countryside and by the sea, by all, I live near by.

I could write a lot more about this, for many, not known places in Denmark, but that would be too comprehensive.





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